Het Idee Van


Een slapend idee is als de concrete uiting van een verlangen, dat steeds bij je terugkeert.

Hoe zet je dat idee in beweging?

| KIM |


"I decided to sign up for Idéfix just after I left my job. I read an article about the course, and thought: if I don’t book this now, I’m never going to do it. I felt that joining would mean the first step to making whatever it was, come alive. I didn’t have any expectations but thought; these people know more than I do about getting ideas out of your head and making sense of them.


Participating in the program was an educating and an emotional challenge. For me, it was about finding out what my fears were.

I realised that recognising these fears is the first and biggest hurdle to moving forward. This part of the program was not what I thought we would be tackling but I found it very rewarding. You never imagine when starting a business you have to start conquering yourself first.



Aside from the deep thinking and challenging tasks, I enjoyed the relaxed and casual approach of Idéfix. Hearing other people’s ideas also gave me insight my own ideas, as well as what others struggle with. I think its fantastic to see how every experience teaches us something different and everyone learns to deal with things differently along their journey. I found the insight into each person’s story and their way of dealing with their hurdles rather fascinating, maybe because people usually don’t talk about what’s difficult or hard. I enjoyed the intimate size of the group, it helped to be open with your own ideas and it was great to have people that were genuinely interested in hearing them. "



Check Kim's website: www.wesmelltherain.com